Community Bible Study

There it is. The biography of that person you’ve always wondered about. The questions you’ve had, like how they live or how they were raised or why they have so many children can finally be answered by reading their book. So you pick up a copy or check it out from the library and set yourself down to get the answers to those questions.

Well, good news. You have just what it takes to get to know God, and you probably have it in your home! If you want to know God, you study the Bible, God’s very Words to us. Mt. Zion’s Community Bible Study is an in-depth and interactive Bible study, incorporating personal study with group discussion, followed by teaching through lecture and notes. This is a study open to women of all ages in the community. As Christian women, God wants us to be theologians. Don’t let that scare you! Theology is simply the study of God. And by studying His Word, we discover who God is - His likes and dislikes, His thoughts, His character and His personality. By reading and studying His Word, we get to know our Creator, and that inspires a growing relationship with Him. John Piper said: “Wimpy theology makes for wimpy women.” If you want to be a strong Christian woman you should be a student of His Word, for it is by His Word that He strengthens us.

It's not to late to join us for Bible Study! 

We have three studies available. For women, we are offering "The Amazing Collection: The Bible Book by Book for Women", and also "The Importance of Reconciliation: A Study about Forgiveness, Apologies and Reconciliation". Our men's study is titled "Foundations" and is a study on biblical doctrines.

Studies are held Thursdays 10 AM - 12 PM and 7 PM - 9 PM; childcare is available.

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